Our Commitment


We stand for quality – for our products and our service. We are focused on consistently meeting and exceeding our customers’ and suppliers’ requirements to ensure a positive experience and maintain the quality and integrity of our products at each step of the supply chain.

Barentz’ dedicated regulatory and operations departments follow stringent processes to maintain confidence in the quality of our offering, from product approval to order completion. Our internal programs enable us to continuously evolve and improve to meet the highest possible standards in quality management, and our commitment to global programs allow us to meet even the most demanding requirements.

We partner with suppliers who share our values of quality to satisfy a wide range of requirements and standards for our customers. Live phone support and dedicated Account Managers across the country help to ensure that our customers’ satisfaction doesn’t stop at the product.

Our Commitment

Health and safety

The health and safety of our employees and third-party partners is of utmost importance. To ensure a work environment that is hazard-free, our Health and Safety Committee performs monthly workplace inspections, annual fire drills, first-aid training, ergonomic training, and WHMIS/GHS training for all. Beyond our internal operations, Barentz partners with companies that share these values and ethical standards toward health and safety.

Our Commitment


Sustainability is an important practice for any business operating in today’s ever-changing economic, technological, and environmental landscape. At Barentz, we’re dedicated to minimizing our ecological footprint by participating in initiatives like recycling programs, Earth Day clean-up events, and using only recycled paper throughout our offices. Our concern regarding environmental impact goes beyond our office walls, as we actively partner with suppliers who also share a strong commitment to sustainable practices. Sourcing ingredients from sustainable origins that follow set standards play an important part in our business.

As technology advances, our team is equipped to adapt and adjust to changing business needs and processes. We understand that youth are the leaders of tomorrow, so to grow and flourish well into the future, we continually invest in new emerging talent by offering education scholarships and summer internship positions.

Our Commitment

Corporate social responsibility

Making a positive impact on the community and lives outside of our organization is equally important to the Barentz team, as is the commitment to those within. Giving back to others is a collective value that transcends our everyday business operations.

Barentz has proudly supported the regular food and toy drives, donations to charitable and humanitarian causes, and education scholarship programs are a few other ways that we’ve been able to do our part in giving back.