Experience the cutting-edge solutions from BASF:

Lavergy® enzymes, Tinopal® optical brightening agents, and Sokalan® specialty polymers

Embrace the future of cleaning products, where innovation meets sustainability. With an unparalleled range of chemicals and ingredients, BASF's portfolio effortlessly complies with the most stringent regulations, certification requirements, and labeling guidelines. Paired with Barentz' expertise in delivering high-performing solutions that meet the industry's evolving demands, we help our partners elevate their brands to new heights. Discover the limitless possibilities and unlock the potential of your cleaning endeavors.

Ingredients for use in:

  • Clean-in-place systems
  • Consumer and professional laundry
  • Dish wash
  • Medical instrument cleaners

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High Powered Enzymes

Lavergy® Enzymes

Experience a revolutionary breakthrough in cleaning with Lavergy, powered by BASF's cutting-edge enzyme solutions. This innovative line of ingredients includes amylase, cellulase, mannanase, and protease. Whether it's laundry, dishwashing, clean-in-place systems, or medical instrument cleaning, Lavergy surpasses industry standards, delivering powerful and sustainable cleaning like never before. Elevate your brand and embrace the future of cleaning with Lavergy.

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Sokalan® Anti-Graying Polymers

Unlock the ultimate cleaning experience with the powerful combination of Sokalan anti-graying polymers and Lavergy enzymes. BASF's Sokalan line, renowned for its exceptional performance in laundry formulations, synergizes seamlessly with Lavergy enzymes to deliver unparalleled cleaning results. Experience brighter, cleaner, and fresher laundry like never before, as the combined power of Sokalan polymers and Lavergy enzymes sets a new standard in cleaning efficiency. Embrace the future of cleaning with BASF and unleash the synergistic potential of Sokalan polymers and Lavergy enzymes for an unmatched cleaning experience.

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High Powered OBA's

Tinopal® Optical Brightening Agents

Illuminate your formulations with Tinopal optical brightening agents. Experience brilliant and captivating whites like never before. Elevate your laundry care products with Tinopal's transformative power, creating a visual impact that leaves a lasting impression. Unleash the radiance within your detergents and embrace a world of vibrant aesthetics with Tinopal.

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