Bentone Hydroclay™  from Elementis

Discover a range of superior, 100% natural ingredients from Elementis for all your cleaning formulation needs. Their Hectorite-based Bentone Hydroclay™  rheology modifiers can be used in a wide range of HI&I finished goods, like laundry detergents, hard & soft surface cleaners (including pet-safe solutions), automotive aftercare products, and more. Whether you're looking for foam control for tunnel car wash, surface protection for automotive polish or all-around rheology modification, you can choose from our portfolio to find solutions tailored to your application, product format, pH range, and consumer preferences. 

Barentz supports the creation of natural and sustainable formulations, providing expertise in rheology modifiers and performance additives. Whether it's a manual dishwash detergent or an efficient oven cleaner, our experts can guide you to meet technical requirements and market trends. 

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  • Auto and manual dishwash gels
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Fabric care/fabric softeners
  • I&I cleaners
  • Kitty litter
  • Oil-based drilling mud
  • Oven cleaners
  • Pond sealers
  • Surface cleaners
  • Vehicle care

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Properties and Benefits of Hectorite Clay:

Hectorite clays are suitable for many applications in various industries, including home care and cleaning formulations.

  • Hectorite clays are 100% natural and vegan. When considering a clay-based rheology modifier for your formulation, keep in mind that Elementis owns and operates the highest purity hectorite mine in the world.
Formulation Properties:
  • When formulating for aqueous systems, hectorite clay acts as an exceptional rheology modifier. It excels in viscosity building, swelling capabilities, skin feel, and sustainability profile. Hectorite clays also contain less iron and are lighter in color than other options. 
Natural Origin and Sustainability Claims:
  • Hectorite clay is 100% natural and vegan, does not contain any crystalline silica and is California Prop 65 compliant. This is an important factor to consider when formulating.
  • Hectorite is valued for its versatility and compatibility with different formulations.
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