Sustainability Policy Barentz Group

In our role as distributor, we have always had a strong focus on long-term relationships with suppliers as well as with customers. An important part of our role in the supply chain is that we continuously monitor developments in the world that could pose a threat to these relationships but more importantly, we look at opportunities that could improve our partnerships.

In doing so we always handle in line with internationally recognized principles on human rights, environmental management, business integrity, and anti-corruption. These values unite and guide us. We believe it is important that wherever we can, we actively drive our sustainability agenda through our actions and our business culture.

These values include how we work with our suppliers across our supply chain. The aim of our policy is to communicate and monitor process and performance requirements applicable to all suppliers with regards to their sustainability activities. Through their application, our goal is to achieve measurable, tangible improvements in our supply chain. We count on the commitment and support of our suppliers to continuous improvement in helping us to meet this objective.

Our and our suppliers’ efforts will help us in our goal to source products and services in a responsible manner and create sustainable value throughout our supply chain and by doing so offering ample opportunities to strengthen our business relationships and create value for our respective companies.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Sustainability Policy

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