Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be a confusing topic. How much should I use? Does it cause rancidity? What is the alpha tocopherol version? Read on to answer some of these questions.

Fatty acids contained in oils are known to undergo autoxidation and eventually become rancid. First these acids form free radicals, the free radicals react with oxygen and produce peroxides, and the reaction terminates in what people recognize as rancid fat.
Vitamin E is not a preservative, it is an antioxidant. Therefore it is effective in preventing the oxidation process mentioned above.
Rancidity can also be caused by using too much Vitamin E. Levels of 0.2-0.8% mixed tocopherol (50%) is a good starting point. Anything over 1% should have accelerated stability testing to verify you won’t have shelf life issues. Monitor your product at 40C and see if it gains weight. If it does, that means your product is going rancid.

Vitamin E also has significant skin benefits, and for this reason we sometimes see high levels in topical formulations. Alpha tocopherol is preferred and has been shown to maintain skin health.

We have a wide range of Vitamin E options to help meet your needs. Please call us when you need Vitamin E help!

Vitamin E Oil


Synthalen W600

3V has joined forces with us to promote their rheology modifiers. One of their fastest growing rheology modifier is Synthalen W600. This is a liquid – appearance is white emulsion. Easy to use in a shampoo formula that requires oils to be incorporated. Synthalen W600 works really well in pH 6 or higher. You can formulate clear body wash, face wash, and shampoo with W600. This also helps suspend beads in these formulations. It will actually give you a clear suspension. Some of the characteristics are listed below:
• Easy to use liquid form
• Very compatible with surfactants
• Synergistic with salt
• Improves pearlescent appearance
• High suspending and stabilizing property
• This can be used in sulfate free formulation as well

Synthalen Product Info


Specialty Silicone ICM 8014

The specialty silicone of the month is ICM 8014. This one has become our customer’s favorite to formulate with. This silicone is an ingenious creation of high molecular weight specialty silicone elastomer in a low molecular weight dimethicone fluid.

Despite the high molecular weight silicone elastomer, ICM 8014 is non-tacky, ultra-smooth with satin feel, and near perfect haze free clarity. It is being used in skin care products, color cosmetics, sun care, hair care, shower gels, and antiperspirants.

• D4 & D5 free
• Water white in color with ease of dispersibility
• Reduces tackiness of the formula with a non-greasy satin feel
• Absorbs quickly and has no balling effect when rubbed on the skin
• Improves fragrance retention
• Easily colored with pigments
• It can be incorporated directly into the oil phase of the final formula with minor agitation

Contact us for a sample and if you want to feed your curiosity about this unique silicone.

Specialty Silicones Product Info


Bee Hives

Each year, bee keepers harvest honey from their hives. As they clean out the hives, they inspect the “wooden ware” for any damage the hives have. Over the years the process for wooden ware repair has been to paint the boxes.

Often times now bee keepers are dipping their wooden ware in a blend of waxes (typically microcrystalline and paraffin). This process will help to seal the seams in a more natural environment and this can last up to 10 years.

We offer the full line of Strahl and Pitsch natural waxes to meet your needs! Give us a call and we’ll help meet your needs too.

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