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Lower your carbon footprint with environmentally preferred ingredients designed for use in HI&I applications.

Dyes, enzymes, fragrances, polymers, preservatives, Solvents, surfactants and more.

Barentz offers a full line of sustainable ingredients as well as formulary and regulatory support!

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BioNat™ products represent a cutting-edge solution in the field of detergent additives, specifically engineered to enhance the performance of liquid laundry detergents, pre-spotters, and manual dish formulations. These innovative biobased additives are designed to meet the needs of eco-conscious consumers and formulators in the homecare, institutional, and industrial markets. BioNat™ provides a range of benefits, including superior cleaning power, enhanced stain removal, and improved soil suspension, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

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Lavergy® enzymes from BASF are effective in breaking down organic stains and soils such as protein, starch, and fat, making them an ideal solution for laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, and medical instrument cleaning applications. Enzymes are eco-friendly and a popular choice for consumers who are looking for effective cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment.

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Our portfolio of eco-preferred polymers harnesses the power of nature to create cleaning solutions that not only effectively tackle dirt and grime but also prioritize sustainability. Our carefully selected polymers are derived from renewable sources, reducing your environmental footprint. Choose these eco-friendly polymers to give your cleaning products a natural edge, meeting the growing demand for cleaner and greener solutions in today's conscientious market.

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Arxada has carefully created preservatives that are Cleangredients.org listed. They ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your cleaning products while upholding the highest standard of environmental safety. These ingredients can be trusted to provide powerful protection at a more sustainable environmental cost, meeting the demands of today's consumers.

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J-Zyme® Multi Spore Probiotics are highly effective and versatile probiotic ingredients designed for use in HI&I applications. J-Zyme® Multi Spore Probiotics promote a healthier living environment by reducing harmful bacteria and odors, improving indoor air quality, and enhancing surface cleanliness. They are safe, eco-friendly, and can be used in a wide range of HI&I applications, including cleaning, odor control, and waste management.



Barentz offers a range of eco-preferred solvents for HI&I applications, designed to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly cleaning products. These solvents are derived from sustainable sources and have lower environmental impact compared to traditional solvents. These ingredients are formulated to provide effective cleaning performance while minimizing health risks and reducing the carbon footprint of the end product.

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With our range of environmentally preferred surfactants, customers can meet environmental and safety standards and comply with various environmental certification programs. These ingredients are ideal for use in laundry detergents, dish wash, pet care cleaning formulations, home care surface cleaners, vehicle care and more.

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Barentz offers natural, sustainably sourced raw materials that help customers reduce their carbon footprint.

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