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Founded in 1997, ICT is a vibrant, rapidly growing chemical company that has an extensive range of surface modification technologies including specialty polymers and surfactants. These technologies provide benefits including repellency, surface wetting and leveling, dispersion, crystal modification, odor neutralization, and improved cleanability.

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Flexisorb Odor Absorbers

Long-lasting odor removal

Flexisorb OD-Zinc ricinoleate-based products are naturally renewable odor neutralizers that trap and absorb odors...not antimicrobials or chemical odor masking agents. Flexisorb OD products are complex zinc salts of purified and naturally renewable ingredients, in application optimized formulations.

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Flexiclean for Hard & Soft Surface Cleaners

Hard working ingredients for extra cleaning power

Flexiclean ingredients offer a wide variety of benefits for almost any cleaning application. Flexiclean can be boost foaming, aid in solubilizing & emulsification and more. There are even biodegradable and phosphate-free options available. Enhance wood cleaners, leather cleaners, tire dressings, carpet & upholstery cleaners and vehicle after market care formulations.


Flexishine for Wood and Stainless Steel Cleaning

Increase the shine on hard surfaces

Flexishine ingredients offer cleaning, polishing and protecting properties to your formulations. These ingredients can dry quickly and help to eliminate fingerprints on stainless steel appliances, without residual build-up. Flexishine products will bring a streak free shine to stainless steel, wood, marble and more.


Flexipel Cleaners & Barrier Coatings

For metal, glass and tile surfaces

Flexipel cleaners and barrier coatings offer a wide variety of benefits for hard metal, glass and tile surfaces. Resist scratches, stains, soap-scrum, oily deposits and more while enhancing lubricity and water-repellency in your formulations. Flexipel ingredients are effective and easy to formulate with.