High-Quality Polymers for Cleaning

SNF is a global leader in producing versatile water-soluble polymers used in various cleaning products for home, industrial, and institutional purposes. SNF manufactures high-performance polymers for use in fabric care, hard surface cleaning, dishwashing, and specialty applications such as auto care, gel cleaners, and controlled fragrance release. They utilize cutting-edge polymerization technologies to create anionic, cationic, amphoteric, and nonionic polymers and are back-integrated in monomer production, ensuring cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable supply for their customers. Choose from surface modification polymers, foam boosters, alkali swellable emulsions, powder & liquid thickeners, and dye transfer inhibitors.


  • Ease of use and flexibility
  • High compatibility
  • Improve stabilization
  • Increase initial foam volume
  • Prevent fogging, streaks, and spotting
  • Provide suspension properties
  • Provide thickening and flow control

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FLOCLEAN™ Polymers

Barentz offers high-performance surface modification polymers from SNF for hard surface cleaners. Floclean™ polymers bring highly sought-after properties to your formulations. Appropriate for use in all-purpose cleaners, hand and dish wash detergents, toilet bowl cleaners, and other hard surface cleaners.  

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FLOGEL™ Thickening Agents

Barentz offers the Flogel™ line of products from SNF for use as thickening agents over a wide range of viscosities. Incorporating these polymers provides desired flow properties that stabilize solid particles in suspension and stabilize emulsions in the dish wash, automotive care, hard surface cleaners fabric care formulations.

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FLOSOFT™ Polymers

Barentz offers high quality polymers from SNF for use in stable & viscousfabric softeners. Improved stability, softness, fluffiness and color care arebenefits you can achieve with the addition of Flosoft™ polymers to yourformulated products. Appropriate for use in fabric softeners, lime scale removal,hard surface cleaners, automotive care products.


Formulation Challenges in HI&I Products: Navigating Thickening Agent Hurdles

Stability: One of the foremost challenges in formulating HI&I products with thickening agents is maintaining stability. These products often contain a variety of active ingredients, and achieving stability, especially in the presence of different chemicals, fragrances, and temperature variations, can be a real puzzle. To address this challenge, formulators may need to experiment with various thickening agents and stabilizers while paying close attention to pH and temperature conditions during production and storage.

Compatibility: HI&I products can be complex formulations with a wide array of ingredients. Ensuring compatibility between thickening agents and other components is a significant challenge. It's not uncommon to encounter issues such as phase separation or reduced product efficacy due to incompatible ingredients. To mitigate this challenge, careful compatibility testing and thorough ingredient selection are essential. Some thickening agents may work better with specific surfactants or additives, so it's crucial to find the right combination.

Cost-Effective Choices: While selecting the ideal thickening agent is crucial, cost considerations are also paramount. Achieving the desired product performance while keeping production costs in check is a constant struggle. Formulators must weigh the cost-effectiveness of thickening agents against their thickening efficiency. In some cases, blending different agents or optimizing formulations may be necessary to strike the right balance.

Preservation: Maintaining the shelf life and safety of HI&I products is a significant concern. The choice of thickening agent can impact the product's susceptibility to microbial growth and degradation. Careful consideration must be given to preservatives and antimicrobial agents in conjunction with the thickening agent selection to ensure product safety and longevity.

Overcoming stability, compatibility, cost, and preservation hurdles requires meticulous attention to detail, extensive testing, and a willingness to adapt and iterate. By addressing these challenges effectively, manufacturers can create HI&I products that meet consumer demands for quality, performance, and safety. SNF polymers boast high compatibility, stability properties, and cost-effective choices. Contact the Barentz team to learn more, or
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