Market Segments

Household, Industrial, & Institutional Cleaning (HI&I)

We offer a range of raw materials for laundry and dish formulations. These include surfactants (traditional and bio-based), bleaching agents, anti-redeposition agents, scale inhibitors, bleach stabilizers, builders, bio-based solvents, fabric softeners, foam builders/stabilizers, acrylic dispersants and optical brighteners.

For hard surface cleaning we carry traditional and bio-based surfactants providing detergency, and wetting, a broad range of disinfectant formulations as well as silicates, scale inhibitors, solvents and many others.

We also supply materials for automotive cleaners and truck wash formulations with a variety of chemicals that aid in detergency, rinsing, foam stability, degreasing, corrosion inhibition and antistatic properties.

Market Segments

Water & wastewater treatment

We offer raw materials for water and wastewater treatment applications including PCP registered biocides, defoamers, anti-scalants and flocculants/coagulants with a range of molecular weights to suit a variety of conditions.

Market Segments

Pool & spa

We are committed to servicing the North American market with a broad portfolio of competitively priced products. In addition to offering several PCP registered sanitizers, we also have expertise in registering new sources of supply with the Canadian PMRA. We have successfully registered TCCA tabs (15g, 20g, 50g, 200g, 250g), bromine (BCDMH), DICD 56%/60%, calcium hypochlorite 65%/70%. We offer custom tablet options and a range of package types and sizes.

We also carry an extensive line of PMRA/EPA registered quat-based algaecides as well as potassium monopersulphate, sodium bisulphate and chlorine stable phosphonates.