Partnering for Success

Learn about the dynamic collaboration between Barentz and Pilot Chemical, revolutionizing the landscape of Household, Industrial, and Institutional (HI&I) cleaning. Together, we bring forth an unparalleled range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of your cleaning applications.

Through this partnership, we proudly offer an extensive portfolio featuring Quat-based, EPA-registered disinfectants, meticulously crafted to combat harmful pathogens and bacteria effectively, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.
Furthermore, Pilot's FDA Category 1 antibacterial actives for hand sanitizers provide reliable protection against germs while keeping skin soft and moisturized, promoting hand hygiene without compromise.

 Additionally, our Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) sanitizers and disinfectants offer powerful solutions for thorough sanitation, providing peace of mind in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Expanding our commitment to excellence, we introduce a range of surfactants meticulously integrated into our formulations, enhancing cleaning efficacy and ensuring optimal performance across various surfaces and applications.

Trust in the partnership between Barentz and Pilot Chemical Solutions to deliver innovative products that prioritize efficacy, safety, and sustainability, empowering you to achieve exceptional cleaning results with confidence.

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Pilot Chemical

Amine Oxides

Unlock the superior cleaning power of Pilot Chemical's Macat AO-12 and AO-08 in HI&I applications. These versatile amine oxides cut through grease and grime, ensuring thorough cleaning on diverse surfaces. With excellent foam boosting properties, they enhance formulations for superior results. Trust Macat AO-12 and AO 08 to elevate your cleaning products with efficiency and effectiveness.
•Macat AO-08: Octyl dimethylamine oxide
•Macat AO-12: Lauryl dimethylamine oxide

Amine Oxide Product Info

Pilot Chemical

Aspire Surfactant Blends

• Aspire BRC Surfactant Blend is an optimized blend of surfactants built for outstanding soap scum removal in acidic bathroom cleaners.
• Aspire HS Super Concentrate is a patent-pending blend comprised of cationic, anionic, and non-ionic surfactants that work synergistically to remove the toughest soils from surfaces.
• Aspire BRC Surfactant Blend is an optimized blend of surfactants built for outstanding soap scum removal in acidic bathroom cleaners.

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Pilot Chemical

CalNext™ Biobased Surfactants

Looking for low 1,4-dioxane surfacntats? CalNext™ biobased surfactants offer superior cleaning and soil removal properties making them a perfect choice for HI&I cleaning product formulations. These specialty surfactants were designed with the environmentally-conscious formulator in mind. 
• CalNext™ 126: 32% active, nonionic surfactant
• CalNext™ 196: 20% active, nonionic surfactant

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Pilot Chemical

Disinfectants & Sanitizing Solutions

Barentz offers a wide range of disinfectants and sanitizers for the Household, Industrial, and Institutional (HI&I) cleaning sectors. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, choose from our comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of your cleaning applications.
• EPA Registered Quaternary Compounds
• FDA Category 1 Antibacterial Actives
• PAA / H202 Sanitizers and Disinfectants

Disinfectants & sanitizers

Pilot Chemical


Pilot Chemical offers a wide variety of anionic, amphoteric, and nonionic surfactant chemistries for household, industrial, and institutional cleaning products. Pilot Chemical's surfactants exhibit exceptionally high performance, low color, and high purity.
• Calfoam ALS-30
• Calfoam SLS-30 & SLS-95
• Calfoam EA 303
• Calfoam ES 3030

Calfoam Product Info

Pilot Chemical

Sulfonates and sulfonic acid

Pilot’s sulfonates produce economical formulations with superb cleansing, high foam volume, great flash foam and nice viscosity characteristics in a variety of HI&I applications. They are fully compatible with anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants.
• Calsoft AOS-40
• Calsoft F-90
• Calsoft LAS-99
• Calsoft P-85
• Calfax DB-45

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